MARIE IIDA (飯田まりえ)

MARIE IIDA (飯田まりえ)



2006年ニューヨーク大学卒業。卒業後は東京都内の独立系映画製作会社に就職し、黒沢清、新藤兼人、鈴木清順、ミーラー・ナーイル、ジム・ジャームッシュを始めとした国際的な映画製作者の脚本の翻訳を担当する傍ら、通訳者としての実績を積む。2007年から米国の大手美術出版社 RIZZOLI NEW YORK の要請を受け編集、翻訳業務に携わり、建築、美術、映画、デザイン、写真、ファッションを含む多くの書籍を手掛ける。

2011年コロンビア大学大学院卒業(アメリカ研究科、英文学専攻)。卒業後はニューヨークにてフリーランスとして通訳、翻訳業を開始。これまでの通訳、翻訳のクライエントはカンヌ国際映画祭、コロンビア大学ビジネススクール、リンカーン・センター映画協会、富士通総研、国際交流基金、電通、Japan Society、ニューヨーク近代美術館、ニューヨーク大学、南カリフォルニア大学、ジョージタウン大学、コンデナスト・ パブリケーションズ、東映、大塚製薬、朝日新聞社、CANON、TOYOTA、UNIQLO、NHK、農林水産省、文部科学省など多岐にわたる。






Marie Iida is a Japanese translator and editorial coordinator. Marie was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and first moved to the United States at the age of six. Moving back and forth between the U.S. and her native country throughout her life, she developed a love of writing in both Japanese and English. Building upon her cross-cultural background, she has cultivated her linguistic skills through her unique academic and professional experiences. 

After graduating from New York University in 2006, she took an opportunity to work for an independent film production company in Tokyo. Under the tutelage of veteran producers and filmmakers, she honed her coordination, interpretation, and translation abilities while working for international productions with directors such as Mira Nair, Jim Jarmusch, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. She has also had the privilege of translating screenplays for legendary Japanese filmmakers including Kaneto Shindo and Seijun Suzuki. In addition, she was Paul Schrader's writer/research assistant for a project that was in development at HBO. She also completed a Masters degree in American Studies at Columbia University. 

Marie's work as a translator can be seen in renowned Japanese publications including GINZA, Time Out Japan, Vogue Japan, Studio Voice, ele-king and Eureka. She also has been working as a Japanese editorial coordinator and translator for the publisher Rizzoli New York since 2007. Over the years, Marie has consistently dedicated her cultural insight and writing skills to the needs of various international organizations, universities, and publishers.

Marie is currently based in Los Angeles.