Here are some short stories that I have written.


Mr. Yunioshi

(illustrated by Kurt Chang)

Imagine Breakfast at Tiffany’s, rewritten from Mr. Yunioshi’s point of view

I wake up to the sound of Miss Holly Golightly ringing my buzzer, asking to be let in.

The second buzz follows on the heels of the first, longer this time, and growing impatient. It’s early morning and I’m lying on the living room floor—I guess I never made it to the bedroom last night. I start to rise, searching for my glasses beneath the blankets, but then a slender arm pushes me back down on the futon. Ruth.“Ignore her,” she says with her eyes closed. Her lips, smeared with last night’s rouge, nuzzle my bare torso. 


The Foxes

Haruna and I were walking home from school, just the two of us like usual on the riverbank road, when the attack began.

Itai!” cried Haruna, her hand flying to the back of her head where the stinging pebbles had hit her. When we turned around, we saw Yoko and her usual group of girl friends dusting off their hands and laughing at us. I immediately knew what this was about. Nearly a week ago, Yoko’s boyfriend Shoji had broken up with her because he had decided to become the newest member of Boys Hopelessly in Love with Haruna Kitano.